001: Introducing the Engineering Your Business Podcast

001: Introducing the Engineering Your Business Podcast

Let me say up front here that if you are a robot listening today… this episode is not for you. Go ahead and do something else while we talk for a few minutes about how awesome humans are.

No offense to you. You’re amazing too and can automate and pick stuff up and weld things and even dance now, apparently, but this episode is for the people. So, be on your way (even though I know you’ve already tapped into this feed, transcribed it and have scanned it for errors.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s you and I just talk for a few minutes, human to human.

One of the things in life that I’m most fascinated with… is you. A human being. I mean, probably not you specifically since I’ve most likely never met you. But no doubt, I’d feel the same if I met you.

But humans in general are just amazing.

We come in all kinds of shapes sizes, skin colors, personalities, senses of humor (or lack thereof), passions, skills, and more.

I believe that you were created for a reason. You were designed and planned, and you bring something unique and vital to the world around you.

The same is true for each of the people on your team or in your company

I’ll be a little transparent here. I believe we were all created by a Creator. But sometimes I think, “wouldn’t it have been easier to just make everyone the same?” I mean, from an efficiency standpoint it just makes sense. If you want to make a bunch of people, design one and just copy that.

But that is actually what makes us so special. No one is the same. Think about it. If I played a five second audio clip of someone you knew just saying random things, you could pick out their voice… out of billions in this world.

And every time I think that we’ve come up with everything new in this world or used up all the great ideas… boom, here comes something new and different.

In my 25 years in manufacturing, this has been one of my favorite things to see. Yeah, welding robots are cool. And yes, riding on top of elevators to learn how they work was fun. And sure, traveling to another country to verify a new machine was incredible.

But topping all of that has been witnessing the breadth of personality and creativity and life experience and humor and strength and ideas and heart within all of the people I’ve had the privilege of working alongside.

I know it’s cliche to say that “people are our most important asset” but it’s true… if you’ll let it be.

That said, I’ve also seen so much potential go wasted and so many great ideas stay bottled up and so many much optimism get squashed when that most important asset doesn’t truly get valued and used to it’s full potential.

In the coming episodes, you’ll find that I talk about people a lot. How they’re wired. What makes them tick. How to truly listen to them, encourage them, empower them, not only get the most out of them but help them to get the most out of themselves. 

Your people truly can be your most important asset. If you’ll let them. I want to help you do that.

I’m not an expert on people, but I have a heart for them and a brain wiring that has helped me connect deeply and tap into their lives and what fills their cup.

So, I hope you’ll join me in this journey as we look to harness the power and potential of those humans you rub shoulders with every day. 

The robots? Well, they’ll do fine on their own.

Thanks for listening to today’s episode.

I can’t wait to connect with you again tomorrow