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What you need and how I can help

Hi, my name is Shawn.

And I’ve got some bad news and some good news. Let’s start with the bad.

The bad news (is it still called “news” if you already know it?): there are forces, habits, practices and more within your business that are slowly draining it; leaks that have sprung that will ultimately sink your business if you do not find a way to fix them.

These usually hide beneath the surface, evading sight and focus. And yet they can slowly eat away at your foundation. They’re a big part of the reason why you feel like you’re paddling upstream, worn out, spent, exhausted.

But… there is also good news.

The good news: you have most of what you need right now to fix these issues by focusing on your People, Processes and Communication. 

I’ve spent the last twenty-five years as an engineer in manufacturing, designing products as well as the processes to create them.


I have an incredible wife and four great kids that bring me joy.


I love community, sharing ideas and writing. You’ll find all three here at my blog, where I share thoughts on Work, Family, Faith and Creativity.


In these posts, I hope you’ll be encouraged, inspired and challenged.


Warning: side affects may include laughter, discomfort with the status quo, and peace about just being you.


Enjoy. And please reach out to me. I’d love to get to know you and your story better. You can shoot me a message or find me on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn.




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A long time ago in a city, actually, not too far away, I began my journey in this world. Born and raised in Columbus Ohio, my parents taught me some important principles:

  • Work hard
  • Live with integrity
  • Love and serve others well
  • God has a purpose for your life
  • As Ohio State fans, never root for “the team up north” if you enjoy sleeping in our nice, warm house

As I grew, I began to develop a love for words. As a young boy, this love came out in a few ways. I would regularly barrage my parents with play-by-play accounts of anything and everything that happened in my little life. They really enjoyed that…I think.

As this passion transferred over to writing, I began to put those same words down on paper instead…thus providing my parents at least a few hours of silence now and then.

writing bookIn fourth grade, I would use those words to create my own little portfolio, in the form of a yellow-and-green-covered book of writing. Stories of E.T., ornaments coming to life, special events, and others filled those pages. I still have that collection (thanks mom) and it’s special for me to look back and see how this love of writing and creating began so long ago.

As I’ve grown, I’ve seen that love for writing and communicating actually threading its way through every stage of my life. From high school to college to jobs and married life. Each step along the way, I’ve continued to hone my craft and grow in new ways.


I do my best to follow Jesus in my daily life, learning more each day how to love God and others better. I’m also a husband, father, friend, son, and brother. I have a beautiful wife, three growing boys, and a sweet little girl. We like unpredictable weather so we’ve planted ourselves in northeast Ohio, home of some of the heartiest people I know. 

I’ve spent my whole career as a mechanical engineer in manufacturing, where I love to build relationships, solve problems, make work fun, and improve the way we communicate and treat each other.

Some of my other passions are coaching youth sports, playing basketball and other sports, reading, learning, laughing, playing and resting.

I love being a father and encouraging other dads. This led me to be involved with All Pro Dad for several years, helping to lead breakfasts and equip dads for the journey of fatherhood. I’ve also enjoyed helping to launch Lou Groza Football, our local youth league, and being involved as a coach, web designer, in communications, commissioner, and in whatever way needed.

Look for ways that you can be involved in your community. They’re right around you and you can make a huge impact if you’re willing to try something new.


Other facts: I love bacon, programming Microsoft Excel, and a good dad joke… okay, even a bad dad joke.

I can’t wait to see what is in store next….