Everyone can remember those famous words, uttered across the grids and lines of our countryside: “Ask not what you can do for Excel… ask what Excel can do for you!”

OK, so maybe today was the first day those words were uttered, but there is truth there nonetheless.

You, my friend, need to do more asking of Excel.

Now, maybe you aren’t an Excel user. Maybe you use Google Sheets, or Numbers or you sketch everything out on graph paper.

Even with those applications (not sure about the graph paper) there are still ways that your software can help you that you might not be familiar with.

But today is about Excel.


Because Excel rocks. And I know there is a ton that it can do that you maybe never imagined.

You’ve just got to ask.

“Can Excel do calculations?”  Yep

“Can Excel give me dashboards to look at my data?” You bet

“Can Excel go out into your folders, find a specific file you’re searching for, open it up, pull in some data, manipulate that data, close the file, move the file somewhere else and then order you a venti caramel macchiato from Starbucks while simultaneously shooting a text to your mom telling her that you’ll be there on Sunday?”

OK, short answer is most of that but Excel already texted your mom about the get together.

Bottom line is this, actually.

Your time is limited.

I know I’m like this. Sometimes I have time (and the desire) to actually learn a short cut or the extents of what an app can do for me. Other times, I just want to be able to ask someone who knows and then maybe just have them do it.

We do this all the time. You might be willing to watch a youtube video on how to cook a new meal, but when it comes to that clunking sound in your car?… well, you might just leave that to the automotive experts.

When it comes to Excel, I’d love to help you either side of the fence you fall on?

If you want to learn new skills, I’ve got 30 great free videos that can build a good foundation. You can find those at www.shawnwashburn.com/excel

But if you just have some frustrations in your processes or questions about what Excel is capable of, I’d love to help answer those for you as well. Shoot me an email at shawn@shawnwashburn.com or head to the Contact page of my site.

Almost everyone that I’ve taught or created tools for has had the same reaction: I didn’t know it could do that.

So, don’t think any question is bad here. Just ask away.

But if you want a Starbucks… you might want to just stick with the app there 🙂

Thanks for listening to today’s episode. You can shoot me an email at shawn@shawnwashburn.com.   Can’t wait to be back with you tomorrow.   I’d love to connect: website / LinkedIn / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter