I’ll make today’s episode short and sweet.

Have more fun at work… it’s OK.

Your people aren’t coming in each day and doing their work because they’re robots.

They want to be able to work and make a difference. But they also want to enjoy their time there.

So, as much as possible, look for ways to add some fun or humor to the job.

Don’t make meetings so boring. Ask people fun questions in meetings or add some humor to spice up the serious stuff.

Plan special lunch events where your team can compete or just have a good laugh.

Add some kinds of competitions or games creatively into your organizational structure and schedule.

Get creative.

Bottom line is that work can be fun, if you allow it to be. Yes, there are things to get done and they need to be done a certain way and there are deadlines and budgets and all of that.

But I think that the rule that I’ve seen with each of my kids when they were growing up still applies to us as adults.

All parents have been there with this. Books all over your young child’s floor. You ask them to clean them up and put them on the shelf. Nope. A little while later you ask them. Nope. You tell them that they can’t do the thing that they want to until they do it. Nope.

Then, finally, you pull out the nuclear option: make it a competition.

You tell them you don’t think they can clean them all up in 30 seconds. And Boom!!! Book problem solved, floor cleaned. Because you made it fun.

It’s the same way for us now. That part of us didn’t go away, it just got smashed into submission with the idea that work has to be stuffy and serious.

It doesn’t have to be that way. The more fun you can add into your workplace I believe the more productive your people will be and the more they’ll enjoy their work.

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