Today is a special day. It’s my birthday. I guess it fits since life is a process and full of relationships with people.

Either way, I wanted to take a few minutes to just share some thoughts on this day. 48 thoughts to be exact. One for every year of life. Enjoy.

48 Thoughts About Life From 48 Years of Living

1 Don’t be afraid to change. You never know what can happen on the other side of fear.

2 Don’t waste your life trying to like kale chips. Spoiler alert: you never will.

3 Enjoy beating your boys in basketball when they’re little. Once they’re bigger than you, it won’t happen very often… but it will still happen

4 Take time to do the things you enjoy. It will energize you in ways you didn’t anticipate and fill your tank.

5 Friends are a gift. Find ones that value you and build into those relationships.

6 Listening is a skill. It’s not about just hearing words, it’s about caring about the one who is sharing them.

7 Eating green beans as a kid won’t keep you from going bald. And sometimes bald grandpas lie to their  grandsons. Just saying. #baldisbeautiful

8 Rainbows are like a glimpse into an alternate universe.

9 I’ll always be amazed by how a newborn comes out and can put a death grip on your finger without even trying.

10 Laughter truly is the best medicine. Next time you’re down, watch a movie or youtube clip that will make you laugh until you cry.

11 No matter how you’ve screwed up today, tomorrow is always a new day with new opportunities to make things right.

12 Question the status quo. Be willing to step on toes when they need it. This is where breakthroughs happen.

13 Learn about the Five Love Languages and how you’re wired. It will help you understand so much of life and relationships.

14 Don’t let the fact that “someone is already doing it” keep you from trying something new. If ten different pizza places can coexist in a small city, then there’s room for your take on your idea.

15 Being a dad can be hard and you may not know if you’re doing it right. Just pray, love well, be there, encourage and know that those seeds will grow.

16 Always believe that there are things you can learn. From any situation. From anyone. At any time.

17 You were created for a reason. You were God’s idea and your value comes from Him. No one can take that from you.

18 When you feel like giving up, don’t… yet. Pray first. Seek wise counsel. Sometimes we need to end things. Other times we need to push through.

19 I believe in Heaven, all food will be fried but will also be good for you. It just makes sense.

20 I think parts of Heaven will look familiar. I believe that the best things about Earth will be in Heaven. Just without all the junk.

21 When this world fails to satisfy us, disappoints us, lets us down… as C.S. Lewis puts it, “the most probably explanation is that we were made for another world.

22 Always be curious. Never stop asking why. Turn over the rocks in life and see what is underneath them. Find out what makes the world tick.

23 Encouragement is one of the greatest forces we possess. You never know the power of your words to change the course of someone’s day… or even their life.

24 Be a reader. Learn from your peers, from those who have gone before, from those who think differently than you. Be willing to be challenged.

25 If you’re feeling stuck, try a new perspective. Go take a hike, go for a drive, take a walk. Spend some time away. Then approach with new eyes.

26 Marriage is a blessing. And marriage can be tough. Give the benefit of the doubt. Love well. Always put your spouse first. Don’t hold grudges.

27 None of those things are easy. But worth it. Even if you feel like the only one fighting for your marriage, don’t give up. Keep loving and trusting.

28 Make plans. But make them subject to change. Don’t miss the journey on the way to your original destination.

29 Sometimes this world won’t make sense. Remember that it is a broken world and not how it was designed to be.

30 Bacon is amazing. That’s it.

31 I’m a few years past 45, but Five for Fighting was right that I often feel like I’m “chasing the years of my life” (from their song 100 Years)

32 When I feel lost in life, God always brings me back to the Bible. Everything I need to hear is there if I’ll listen.

33 Music has a way to move us that few other things can. Let it move you.

34 We were made to create by a Creator. It’s in our DNA. Whatever that is for you, get busy and do your thing. Share your gift with the world.

35 Forty eight thoughts is a lot. I thought I’d be done by now, but I’ve still got thirteen more. So here goes…

36 If you love someone, don’t waste an opportunity to let them know. You don’t know which time might be your last.

37 Never forget your firsts. They hold a special place in your life. First car. First job. First love. First time eating bacon (which might have been your first love).

38 Don’t be selfish with what you’ve learned. Find people coming behind you to build into. Teach, encourage and inspire.

39 Look for opportunities to serve. And then do so without expecting anything in return.

40 Take risks. Try something new. Push your boundaries. Mental and physical.

41 Take time to rest. Take a nap. Sleep longer. Don’t over commit. Unwind.

42 No one will understand you like Jesus. No one will give as much for you as He already has. No decision will be as important as following Him.

43 Begin each day by surrendering your plans and asking God what’s next. You never know how He’ll impact your life or others in the hours that follow.

44 Treasure your kids. Find out what makes them unique. Love them where they are, unconditionally. Be there for them. Have fun with them. Listen to them. Laugh with them. Trust them. Lead them.

45 Life is happening all around us. Slow down or you’ll miss it.

46 Make a difference in life. Leave a lasting imprint in the lives you encounter.

47 Trust God

48 Also, trust yourself. More often than not, your gut feeling is the right one. Go with it.

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