On today’s Ode to the Office episode, I’m paying tribute to our long-time companion, the Undo button.

I honestly don’t know what we’d do without… well… un-do. We’re so used to being able to make a mistake and just undo it.

We owe so much to this special function that has retrieved and revived and saved us from ourselves… time and time again.

And now, Ode to Undo

Ode to Undo

I’m not sure what we did before you came into our lives
It’s hard to think of how the world was then
Unable to recover losses even though we tried
We were lost and helpless, time and time again

But with one click of a button you erased away our fears
Or better put, you brought back what we lost
Deleted files or words or phrases, no longer brought us tears
You saved the day, no matter what it cost

So thank you undo button, you have been there through it all
Picking through the trash of our mistakes
And even though you cannot save us from a REPLY ALL
At least you give us hope for second takes

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