Today’s episode is a public service announcement that it’s OK to make work and your workplace fun.

I’m hereby giving you permission to have fun in your emails or your meetings. To add some laughter to your powerpoints and charts. To liven things up even while staying focused on the tasks at hand.

Because, honestly, I believe you’ll get more done and have more motivated people in the long run.

Now, personally, this is a big one for me. I usually have to try to reign myself in because I often have something humorous to add in a meeting that half of the time just might not be appropriate or necessary.

But it’s OK to add in that humor, to make light of what can be stressful things at work.

No one is meant to just carry a load and trudge through the hours each day and be super serious about everything.

So, have some fun with your team and your organization. Be the spice that brings some flavor to the daily work grind.

It’s OK.

Tell a joke. Play a prank. Make a funny video. Write an ode. Leave a humorous note for your coworker who often forgets their tea mug in the microwave, written by their mug, saying that you knew they would come back for you. You know, just some random suggestions here.

Whatever it is for you, bring some new life to your work and let others know it’s OK to have fun. Work can be fun… if you make it.

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