On today’s Fun Friday, we continue on in our Ode to the Office series with something everyone can relate to.

Today I bring you Ode To The Zoom Meeting.

Ode To The Zoom Meeting

I glance at my watch and my heart starts to race
Just minutes until I will show them my face
Unless it’s just voice and then I’ll be OK
Another Zoom meeting almost underway

I click on the link and head into the matrix
Relieved to discover all squares there are faceless
But then one by one they begin to reveal
Their faces and backgrounds, both virtual and real

We spend a few minutes on small talk and chatter
Then Joe tries to talk but something’s the matter
His mouth is just moving but no sound is coming
“You’re on mute!” we all shout… so loud that it’s numbing

The rest of the meeting goes by in a blur
Some screen shots are shared and I am pretty sure
That though it was nice to be all there together
A simple group text might just have been better

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