There are a lot of keys to helping your company thrive, grow, become more efficient and a better place to work.. We’ve discussed several of them already.

But today we’re going to talk about a different aspect to the whole thing. A concept that can apply to both the people and the process side of things.

And that is innovation.

I believe that every one loves the idea of innovation on the surface. But what they really love is when someone comes up with a new idea or way of doing things and it actually works.

The problem is that many times innovation seedlings get killed before they ever get a chance to grow into full grown trees that can transform a business.

But without innovation, you’re stuck trying to do the best you can with technology or systems or processes or a culture that is only going to get you so far.

You could have the fastest 3.5″ floppy drive in the world (and if you don’t know what that is, it inspired the Save icon on most apps and software), but it couldn’t stand a chance against a writeable CD, which couldn’t stand a chance against a 64GB flash drive.

At some point you have to take risks, try something that might fail. Or, really, try a LOT of things that might fail in order to find that next big thing for your organization.

Sometimes this comes from new people who enter your sphere. Other times it could come from team members you already have who you have empowered to brainstorm on new ideas.

Either way, as a leader you have to set the course on this. From a message standpoint to actually putting resources into innovating or getting outside help.

Unfortunately, the world is littered with plenty of examples of companies that at one point were killing it, but refused to innovate and pivot when the world changed around them. And then they ultimately closed up or quietly shrunk away.

If you believe in your vision for your business and the value of your team members and the product or service they are providing, you owe it to your customers or clients to pursue innovation with everything possible.

Those same customers or clients who have a great working relationship with you are also counting on you to take THEM to the next level as well. They already trust you. Show them that you are still learning and growing as you continue to exceed their expectations.

What does innovation look like in your world? Where have you seen innovation done well or not so well? Let me know by shooting me an email at

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