Well, today is a special day.

Today the podcast turns the big 5-0.

In some ways I’m just getting started. After all, it’s only been two months, even though it’s Monday-Friday. But in other ways, doing anything 50 times in a row… for me… is a big accomplishment.

By nature, my ADHD brain tends to enjoy the more creative side of life and less the discipline and consistency side. The first comes naturally. The latter is more of a struggle.

But I’ve loved doing the podcast, the content, the format and learning as I go.

But more than anything I’ve loved having you with me.

Whether this is your first time ever joining me, or you’ve been here from the beginning, or somewhere in between… thank you.

I appreciate you taking a few minutes out of your day to be encouraged, inspired and challenged to be a better business leader and further transform your workplace and your people.

My goal has always been to help you leverage your people and processes to do more with what you have. Meaning that there is amazing value in both of these, but sometimes it just takes us thinking differently or hearing from someone outside of our immediate environment to give us the nudge or questions or refocus that we need.

And hopefully you’ve laughed along the way as well.

One thing I wanted to do was to be as me as I could be while still presenting each day’s topics. And… well, that means that you get goofy, creative and sarcastic Shawn along with business Shawn.

I’ve certainly learned a lot as I’ve gone on and there have been some highlights along the way as well. I’ve really enjoyed being able to bring guests on the show in recent weeks and am excited to continue and grow that going forward. There are so many smart people out there that I want you to hear from.

The Odes to the Office have a special place in my heart for sure. That’s the extreme of the creative Shawn and I hope you’ve enjoyed listening to them as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them. Spoiler alert… a new one drops tomorrow.

This podcast has really pushed me to explore more thoughts and even dig deeper into familiar topics than I ever would have before.

And I’ve loved connecting with you and hearing from you about the ideas that have resonated with you and to learn from your insights as well.

So, I’m looking forward to keeping this rolling along, growing and exploring as I go… with you by my side… or at least on the other end of an internet audio file somewhere.

As always, I’d love to hear from you. You can always email me at http://shanwwashburn.com or find me on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter (find links at shawnwashburn.com/contact).

And if you really want to help out, you can subscribe, tell others about the podcast and leave a review on Apple Podcasts. All of those help me reach more awesome business leaders like you.

Thanks for doing what you do every day, serving and leading well. You’re making a difference and I’m thankful to be connected with you.

And I look forward to joining you again for another new episode tomorrow. Can’t wait.