This week we’ve been looking at the four personality types as first presented by Gary Smalley.

They are Lion, Otter, Beaver and Retriever. If you missed any of the week’s episodes, head back and check them out.

Today, we’re going to talk about how all of these can work together to leverage their strengths.

The more you start to dig into these personality types, the more you’ll see them start to show up in the people in your organization.

And while some types tend to fit really well with certain roles, it’s also often happens that each person just brings that personality to their role that might not be what you would have assumed.

For example, because beavers are great with details, they make great accounts and financial specialists. Or even legal or otherwise.

But I’ve also known beavers in all kinds of other roles and I’ll see how both their strengths and weaknesses come out in those.

Lions are natural managers and leaders, but I know several lions who are in non management roles and they do a great job of speaking up, bringing to light important information and paving the way for others.

As for Otters, because of their love for being around people, they might thrive in an HR setting, but their weakness in the details could prove to be a struggle there. I love seeing otters littered throughout various groups where I’ve worked because they bring a new life to the group and a levity to what can be tough work.

And Retrievers can show up just about anywhere. I’ve often seem them sort of take on a caretaker role, looking out for coworkers, speaking up for others and doing their best to share their pulse of the organization.

Bottom line is that we each have a mix of these and we work best when all are present in a group. As well, it also helps to identify which type we are and be willing to examine those natural weaknesses that come along with that personality.

I think you’ll find the same in your business. And if you want your team to operate at its best, create a culture where strengths of one personality type feel comfortable helping to fill in for weaknesses of others.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this look at the four personality types. I love examining how we are each designed, what makes us special and unique and how we can grow and become our best selves in the process.

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