073: A is for Access [ABC’s of EYB]

073: A is for Access [ABC’s of EYB]

Today, we’re kicking off our ABCs of Engineering Your Business with A is for Access.

There are few things as frustrating as not having access to the tools, people, resources or knowledge needed to accomplish a task.

And yet, often, we put barriers in place to this access without even knowing it.

They may not be permanent barriers, but they can be barriers that will cost time and momentum for sure.

The most common barrier is more one of omission. It’s not making the actual connection to the resource.

It’s telling Susan to see Tom for more info about the project but making her try to figure out who Tom is or the best way to contact him or what his background is, etc.

As well, when we’re talking about access to people, when we can make the personal introduction ourselves, in person or electronically to connect our team member with the resource, we’ve not only saved them time but we’ve jump started their own connection and conversation. Our people don’t have to be intimated or feel like they are imposing on someone who is already really busy.

We have the power to cut that off at the start and give them the confidence and authority to reach out for the info or help they need.

I’ve seen this done poorly, where the person with the task is left just kind of lost out there on their own. And I’ve also seen it done well, where the one making the connection walks the other all the way to the resource, introduces them, tells each about each other and really makes a huge impact there.

Another way we block access is by not showing our people exactly how to get to the file or the software that they need. “You can find it on the network drive” is not a great help and can lead to them either searching all over, or worse, finding an outdated file to use by accident. Give them links or walk them through on a Zoom call.

So, there’s access to people and access to files and information.

One final crucial access that we need to give our people is access to us. With the understanding that we expect them to do all that they can do on their own first. But if they have questions and have already done their research, they can know that we are there to help guide them if need be.

Having that confidence will help them a ton if they get stuck or feel that there was something missing. If they can know that they don’t have to feel bad running something by you and that you’re receptive, you will only help them accomplish their task or finish their project more efficiently.

Give them the access they need.

Check back in tomorrow as we turn our eyes to “B is for

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