019: 5 Love Languages – Words of Affirmation

019: 5 Love Languages – Words of Affirmation

Words of Affirmation is such a powerful love language and you can make a major impact in the lives of your team if you use your words well. 

Back in episode 12 we talked about the 5 Love Languages and how powerful it is to understand how these work.

Today, we’re going to focus on one that is near and dear to me: Words of Affirmation.

As we mentioned before, we have all been wired differently and some languages speak louder to us and fill up our love tanks more than others.

For me, I’ve always been a words person.

This is evident from one of my passions, which is writing and creating. And it’s also one of my primary love languages.

I love to show love this way and it also is one of the main ways I receive love as well.

So, what is Words of Affirmation all about?

At it’s heart, if that is one of your primary love languages it means that words spoken to you that build you up fill your tank in a way that the other love languages just can’t match.

Everyone loves to be praised and appreciated, but for those whom this is their primary love language, those words carry even more weight.

In the workplace, this can be one of the best love languages to utilize, even for those that don’t have it as their top one.

And that’s because, more than the other four, it seems to be an easier one to fit into daily work life.

But… a warning. It must be genuine.

If you are going to try to get better at using this language with your team, it needs to first come from a heart of caring for them and of truly wanting to see what they are doing and contributing.

Humans are smart. We can sniff out fake praise, especially when it doesn’t seem to fit.

So, how might it look when this is done well in you organization?

It could be just taking an extra minute to shoot an email to someone to let them know that you admired how they responded to that crisis.

It could be shining the light on someone who has been that quiet, consistent force… delivering great work but rarely seeking the credit.

One thing that amplifies this even more is if there are other people around.

Receiving words that build up and matter in a one-on-one setting has power by itself. But if you have an opportunity to do the same when others are around, there is an even greater communication from you that your team member really matters to you. Think about a meeting situation or when others are gathered.

The bottom line is that your words are powerful. Don’t ever forget that. They can be use to tear down… or to build up.

And when used well, especially with those who are Words of Affirmation people, they can have a lasting impact.

Use yours wisely today.

Thanks for listening to today’s episode.

I can’t wait to connect with you again tomorrow