038: Kent Sanders – 3 Killer Email Tips

038: Kent Sanders – 3 Killer Email Tips

On today’s episode, I’m excited to introduce the first of many guest answers.

Today’s guest is my good friend Kent Sanders. Kent is a ghostwriter and host of the Daily Writer podcast. He is a gifted writer and his podcast is a great source of daily encouragement, inspiration and wisdom for anyone who wants to grow in their writing. Kent’s also just a great guy as well.

Today’s topic is email. Email, though it can be a powerful communication tool, can also be a struggle sometimes and make itself a bigger hassle than it’s worth. I asked Kent for some tips that can help business leaders be more effective in their email writing. Here’s what he said:


I really appreciated Kent’s tips and they already gave me some things to think about as I thought back on some of the emails I sent out this past week… and cringed a little bit :).

I encourage you to check out Kent’s podcast, The Daily Writer, on your favorite podcast player. I like it because it’s just a few minutes each day but he always has something new and thought provoking to share. And if you’d like a good community to help you go deeper with your writing, check out his Daily Writer Community out at dailywriterlife.com

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