077: Freedom!

077: Freedom!

We’ll rejoin our ABC’s of Engineering Your Business Tomorrow, but I wanted to just take a few minutes as we finish out our 4th of July weekend here in the U.S. to say how much I appreciate the freedoms we have here and those that have sacrificed to give them to us.

It was a beautiful weekend here in Cleveland and everywhere the last few days you could see red, white and blue, parades, cookouts, fireworks, gatherings and people enjoying themselves.

It just reminded me that freedom is such a funny thing. The longer it’s been since you weren’t free (or if you never known a time that you weren’t free), it’s hard to really grasp and appreciate the feeling of being free.

For an inmate who finally smells the air outside of a prison he has spent the last ten years in, he feels it.

For those who have been freed of a debt that was owed, they feel it.

For those who have to come America to escape oppression in their own country, they feel it.

I realize too that there are still those for whom freedom still feels out of reach in one way or another.

We need to collectively work to not only fight for the freedoms we personally enjoy but also for those that still are fighting for their own freedoms.

I hope you were able to enjoy some of what makes the 4th of July special here in the States and that we can collectively honor all who have gone before us who have paved the way to buy those freedoms by continuing to recognize and fight for them today.

Join back in tomorrow as we dig into the topic of Decisions and how decision fatigue can be such a drain on your team and their efficiency. Catch you tomorrow.

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