071: Life Can Be Cruel… How To Lead Well

071: Life Can Be Cruel… How To Lead Well

I probably don’t have to tell you this, but life can be cruel sometimes.

I’m sure you could roll up the sleeves of your heart and show me scars that you’ve received over the years. Pain, disappointment. Heartache. Loss. Frustration. Dashed dreams. Opportunities that never came your way.

Our world is full of those, though you’d never know it by looking at the outsides of the people around you.

Most of what we see is smiling pictures with everything as it should be and none of that nasty stuff.

But it’s there. And we all know it. We’ve experienced it. Our coworkers have experienced it. Our customers and clients have experienced it.

Life is tough.

But what can you do about it?

For one, as a leader, you can approach others with grace. Always assumed that you don’t know all that’s going on in their life. When they’re not themselves or they made a mistake or the flew off the handle or they’re late or whatever. Give them the benefit of the doubt. Understand that they have a life and maybe their life is cruel right now. Maybe they’re dealing with a lot. Maybe they’re just trying to hold it together today.

Let them know that they matter. With words. And actions.

Don’t just assume that they know you feel that way. Over and over, look for opportunities to build into them, to value them, to let them know you care and they are not alone.

Listen to them if they are willing to share. Don’t push them. But if they’re open to sharing what’s going on, listen… and don’t talk. Be someone that is for them, that is in their corner, that they can trust.

Life can be cruel sometimes.

Be a source of strength for others in the midst of their storms.

It’s not just business. You are connected with others you work with for a reason.

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