041: Ode to White Out

041: Ode to White Out

On today’s Fun Friday episode, we continue our Ode to the Office series with an old school shout-out… Ode to White Out.   Check out previous Odes:

Ode to White Out Mistakes will be made and you’re there at the ready To blot out the words that are wrong With a dab of your brush from a hand that is steady You give us the chance to move on.   Like sins on our page in grammatical form Our errors seemed destined to doom us But then you came along and began to transform The page and breathed new life into us    A letter magician, so skilled at your craft We can’t believe what we are seeing As you carefully use your white bristles and staff To disappear what’s disagreeing   So thank you my friend, you’ve been so good to me And our secrets are just ours to share Especially each time that I failed to see The difference between they’re and there     Thanks for listening to today’s episode. If you’ve got an idea for a future Ode to the Office episode, shoot me an email at shawn@shawnwashburn.com.   I’d love to connect: website / LinkedIn / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

011: Ode To The Sticky Note

011: Ode To The Sticky Note

Business doesn’t have to be boring.   Let’s have some fun with it.   Today is the first installment from my Ode to the Office series, lifting up the virtues of Sticky Notes. Enjoy. 

So, I told you I was a little different, right? We talkedabout that already?

You know, like how I love to write, create, have fun with the world… and how that flows into business, engineering, manufacturing, and office life?

Well, over the years I’ve created what I call Odes to the Office. Fun observations about daily work life. I thought I’d share them here and there on this podcast as a way to have a little fun and relax together.

Today, we honor… the Sticky Note


Like a bright yellow canvas, adhesively-backed

You beckon to us from the top of the stack

you say “Fill me with notes about tasks that need doing

Or doodle a picture of someone canoeing”

And so that we don’t forget what we were thinking

You store all our thoughts on your pad, ripe for inking

Each note a reminder to get something finished

“Call Bob”, or “Buy pencils” or “Pick up some spinach”

Without you, we’re left on our own to remember

“When was that meeting, the one in September?”

Our minds just can’t hold all those details intact

Yet you do it with ease and you keep us on track

So thank you for helping us get our work done

When it comes to assistants, you’re our #1

Right by our side there on top of our desk

Let it be here noted “Sticky notes are the best!”