056: Make Something That Lasts

056: Make Something That Lasts

If my pre-calc teacher from the late 80s is listening, I want to say right now that I’m sorry for what you’re about to hear.

You were great. Really, you were. But… I was someone who could get bored sometimes and looked for something creative to do.

I can still remember sitting in that high school pre-calc class with my brand new Casio fx-7500G scientific, graphing, hinged, flip open calculator.

Now I know that I actually used it at some point to draw graphs and do… you know… pre-calc stuff.

But this thing also had the ability to write and save programs.

Programs that could, say, create a fun mini gambling game where if you guessed the right number you could double your imaginary calculator money.

Or, if a certain student not to be named here was interested in doing so, they could create a program to graph something like Bart Simpson… for example.

Suffice to say, both of those kept me company throughout the year along with other fun exploits on the Casio.

But do you know what the most amazing thing is about that calculator?

It’s still working. Today. In May 2021.

In fact, I have it right in front of me and it’s still my go-to after 30 years. Though now, I actually use it for stuff like math.

Not only does it still work, but did I mention it was hinged?

I’m talking about a hinged calculator that has been opened and shut thousands of times over the last 30 years.

More than enough times to ruin most hinged devices that you might find today.

But not my Casio. Still going strong.

I kind of keep picturing the day that I’m going to go to turn it on or open up the hinge and it will just have finally given out.

And I’ll sort of hold it there in my palm, rest my other hand on top of it and whisper quietly “You were such a good calculator and I’ll never forget you”.

But, that day hasn’t come… yet.

So, why am I rambling on about a thirty year old calculator?

Because back in the late 80s the people of Casio decided to make something that would last.

And whenever I use my calculator, there is a voice inside of me that sort of nudges me to do the same.

Make something that will last.

Do something worthwhile. With your work. With your life. In your family. In your community.

Leave a mark. Make an impact that will resonate for decades to come.

Create a product, capture a photograph, give a speech, build a structure, write a book, record a podcast, serve exceptionally.

Whatever it is that you’re about today, consider putting just a little bit more of yourself into it.

You never know when that thing you’re creating might just be sitting on someone’s desk 30 years from now… or helping them graph pictures of Bart Simpson.

Either way, you’ll know that you’ve done something pretty special.

Make something that lasts.

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