042: Don and Bill Tomoff – How to Show Your People You Care

042: Don and Bill Tomoff – How to Show Your People You Care

I recently got to know two great guys by connecting on LinkedIn. They have roots from Cleveland and we met up via zoom and instantly hit it off.

They are twins Don and Bill Tomoff and they are finance executives who have a broad background in the business world as well as bringing a ton of value everyday through their twinztalk posts on LinkedIn. If you search the hashtag #twinztalk (with a z) you can learn a little bit every day about everything from productivity, tech, working with people, making a difference and more.

And, honestly, they’re just real down-to-earth guys as well who like to have fun too.

I reached out to them to get their thoughts on how to really show your people that you care for them. I loved their responses. And here they are (just a side note, they are twins and so you may not be able to tell who’s talking… you know since this is just audio, but you can be sure it is either Bill or Don ;):

[Bill and Don’s answer here]

I really appreciated Bill and Don’s insights here about caring for your people. I think each of those is solid and I especially resonate with #3 about being human and being willing to admit mistakes. It’s a little ironic because it seems like you’re not actively doing anything to care for them, but in reality you are doing a ton to connect, be relatable and let them know that it’s OK to make mistakes.

If you’re on LinkedIn, you owe it to yourself to check out their #twinztalk posts. They have been at this for quite a while and there is a whole breadth of insight and knowledge there to learn from.

Thanks Don and Bill!

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